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The United States continue's to build the Revised Roman Empire.It appear's the world is being formed into 10 Region's.Each Region would have or currently does have a King.Russia China and Japan etc.It seems that the United Nations will be the world goverment headed by one man the U.N. leader that will carry out this effort.This most likely is where Anti-Christ will gain world power keep your eyes on Turkey and William Clinton Blythe .

What's Going On

Reader The truth of whats going on is this the great falling away from the truth is happening.The people will not endure sound doctrine any longer.The churches can no longer restrain because of their rejection of God's word.The collapse of morals in this country are incredible.Whats good is bad etc.I urge all to understand.Repent of your sins to Jesus and seek the Lord God.The rise of Anti-Christ is very near and his spirit is rageing.You will be hated of all nations the Lord said.But were not appointed to wrath Glory to God.Jesus is Lord!

Personal Interest

Current events,Bible prophecy,good music,playing guitar,astronomy,thinking,praising God,speaking in tongues,getting drunk in the spiritetc.

The Body of Christ in Kosovo

The Lord Jesus is with you.Be of good cheer,greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.THE LORD IS NOT SLACK ON HIS PROMISES.He hear's and care's about you ,rest in him. randy williams

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