Spiral's: What do they mean?

I first noticed the spiral two to four year's ago.It was similar in apperance to a six. I began to see them on various products, their use has become very common. They appear on food products. commercials, clothing, toys etc. There is even a form of writing that uses spirals. Example, Rugrats Movie.There seems to be a spiritual meaning to the spiral ( search the word spiral ) . Their is a further breakdown of this symbol. Spirals, Swirls and Vortexes.They seem to all be in association with the comeing of antichrist. The movie the Wizard of Oz begin's with Dorothy walking the spiral onto the yellow brick road, on her journey to the Emerald City ( Jerusalem? ) to see the Wizard of Oz ( Antichrist, False God? ) along the way she meet's scarecrow, tin man and the lion, they also need thing's of Oz ie. heart, courage, a brain. So they walk the road to oz with her. When they meet Oz in his ( The Temple ) temple they discover he's a false God, only a man. They did not need Oz after all, the road of self discovery they walked to get to Oz revealed they already had what they sought. I pray you can see!

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